A Civic Society for 
Wimborne Minster, Dorset UK and its neighbourhood
What do we do?

campaign for the improvement of the quality of life in Wimborne and the surrounding area

examine around 350 planning applications in Wimborne and its rural area each year. We are not just concerned with “old” Wimborne, but support good modern design when it enhances its immediate neighbourhood

make representations at public enquiries into matters affecting Wimborne

host a variety of talks on topics related to the historical and contemporary development of Wimborne and its environs

organise summer visits to places of interest, including some not normally open to the public

guide groups around the town

take part in Dorset Architectural Heritage Week

help to steward gardens open to the public for the National Gardens Scheme
Examples of what we have done

We helped with:
-  establishing the Tourist       Information Centre

-  getting better litter bins

-  improving the Cornmarket gates

-  improving Millstream Bridge railings

-  refurbishing Redcotts Gazebo

-  landscaping at the Allendale Centre

-  refurbishment of the Priest's  House    Museum  

-  Improvements at Walford Mill

-  surveys of street clutter and street    lighting

-  financial help towards the costs of    the new Hinton Martell fountain
We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but your active participation will ensure
the future quality of life in and around Wimborne
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